Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brief stop at home in Burkina...

So I don’t remember all that much about the 3 days I spent back in Africa before heading out for England. I know on Tuesday I went work and did as much as I could do. I greeted all my co-workers and stopped in to see Professor Maiga. I know that doesn’t account for the several hours I spent sitting my office, but frankly I don’t know what I did to pass that time… Oh well. I was a bit worn out and leaving on Thursday there wasn’t much I could dive into and get back out of before then. Tuesday evening Ben and Leanna came over. Ben brought pizza and Leanna brought salad. It was nice to catch up a little and Leanna helped me pick out clothes for the interview and stuff. We also had a nice girl talk about all the stuff that has been going on over the past two weeks!

Wednesday I went to work at 7:00am. Go Sara! I wrote a bunch of emails, but then ended up heading to ISO to meet Leanna at 10:30 to help her figure out Prom details. Prom would be Wednesday April 30th, the day after I was scheduled to get back. I offered to take the pictures and was planning on it until the last minute another girl said she wanted to do it. I was okay just having a chill evening at home. Anyway, we figured out a great design for the picture background and also planned out an idea for how to decorate the cake.

From there, instead of going home I went to Leanna’s and did a load of laundry and chilled out. I also planned for bible study which was at 3:00pm that afternoon. It was nice to see Rosie and Anna again and to lead bible study! Geez, it had been a good two weeks and I hated to feel like I had abandoned the girls… The study went well. Oh and fyi, it is really hot in Burkina right now. I missed a good chunk of the heat by being in the US for the most part of April, but man oh man. It is a new level of hot. Wednesday night I worked out and then tried to get my life in some semblance of order.

Thursday I got up and started packing. I went to work and had like a million emails to send. Luckily, I got through them all and even ordered the bus ticket I needed to get from the airport to Oxford. I had lunch at the cafeteria because I had very little food at my place and like to no time to eat. I went out and picked up a few trinkets to give as presents to Vince and Christian if I ended up seeing them. That afternoon I worked out and then after I showered I saw I had missed a call from Nicolas. Apparently, the people from Ghana had arrived. At this point, I had 40 minutes before Leanna was picking me up to go to the airport. I told him to come by my office in 10 minutes. I shoved everything in my bag to finish packing and went to my office. They took longer than 10 minutes and I had only 20 minutes to talk to them when they finally arrived. It was great though. Making the connection with the two people who work with the ceramic filters in Ghana was very helpful. They were able to see the experiment set-up I have and were able to give me new faucets and brushes to clean them with. The meeting was brief, but I was happy they came, even though it added some stress for me.

I made it back to my house just as Leanna was about to call me and find out where I was. We loaded my bags into her car and we were on our way to the airport!