Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two random things I would like to share...

And here they are :)

1. I have a co-worker who feels it necessary to say “Sara!...” every time he sees me. This would be fine if I saw him like once a day, but his office is two doors down from mine so this incredibly annoying exchange happens at least three times a day. Really can’t he just say like “Hi” or “How’s it going?” or “What are you working on?” Any of these things would be fine, really. But, he just says my name... like it is some sort of accomplishment he knows it. The next time he does it I want to be like, “Yes, that is my name. Is there something you want to ask me? Or are you merely trying to break my concentration and make me wish you would find another job somewhere else…” Okay that might be a little harsh, but seriously.

2. On TV last night I saw the funniest commercial. Picture a very nicely dressed woman coming up to admire a moto. It is new, shiny and obviously pretty cheap in construction. She touches the handles, runs her hands over the peddles, a smiles as she sees the fancy speedometer dials. In the background you see a guy standing a gate watching this girl checking out the moto. He is dressed up very snazzy, and is clearly happy by the fact the moto has caught the woman’s attention. All the while all you hear is some cheesy slow music playing… Then the screen flashes to say “Crystal Motos, L’irrésistible”. Even I know what that means… Crystal Motos, The Irresistible. It was ridiculous. Like in the states how girls like guys with fancy cars, this ad was trying to say girls will like you if have this moto… Haha! Same thought processes, just different products. It was just too clichéd not to laugh.