Saturday, October 13, 2007

And the internet is woking again.

The biggest thing at the moment is that I get kind of lonely at night. Things are pretty good during work hours, and I have been able to connect with the Wolters several days in a row now which is really nice. However, at night when it is just me alone in my room I sometimes get kinda sad. I just want to call home, but it is so expensive. I am a people person. I need to talk to people and keep myself sane. I am working on arranging a better housing situation where I am living with other people. Anyway, you can feel sorry for me, but really don’t. I will be fine. I always seem to make it through and who knows maybe I will learn something new about myself from this whole experience. It has been approximately 10 days since the day I first arrived. It seems both like yesterday and a year ago. Its hard to describe. Last night after work I didn’t want to start on my GRE right away so I decided to do something fun. I often find myself wanting to watch a movie, but I repeat again… I didn’t bring any of those so I am left to my own devices. I did bring my sketch book and decided to draw. But what? I decided to draw a glass. Very challenging a task I warn you, but it turned out pretty good. I took a picture so you could see it. :)

Maybe I will develop my drawing skills while I am here. In exciting news I had my first French lesson today. My teacher’s name is Moumini and he is a very good teacher. It is awesome. He comes to the office since I don’t have any transport yet. The lessons last an hour and the best part is they cost 3000CFA or about $6. C’est trĂ©s bien.

I also had my clothes washed this week which was essential as I was pretty much running out. It cost me 2000CFA or $4 to have my clothes washed and ironed. Sounds good to me :) The funny thing about the French lesson today was I wasn’t expecting it. Moumini was supposed to call me last night, but never did so I figured eh whatever. But then I get this text message at like 1:00 saying he was at the school waiting for me. Okay. Whatever works I guess. Anyway, we setup a schedule which will be lundi, mecredi et viendri (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). I think I will learn very quickly. In one hour we went through what was like 3 lessons. My independent studying is really helping out. I am very happy with the help I getting with pronunciations. Today I finally got myself to write my personal statement for the NSF fellowship and tonight I am working on the research proposal. It is going well. In general, I feel a bit stressed, but am trying to be patient. I have numerous deadlines at the end of the month for grad school, fellowships, and the GRE. At the same time I am trying to learn about the research I am supposed to be helping with here. Oh, and adjusting to a new culture kind of on my own and learning a new language. Wanna trade places with me? One day?

In other news, on Wednesday I went with the Wolters, and a few other missionaries to look at motorbikes. I am thinking about buying one, but I am not sure yet. I need to wait a little while because right now I wouldn’t go anywhere by myself anyway so what’s the point. Also, the Wolters have an old 10-speed bike they don’t use and are going to let me borrow for a bit, so I think I’m set.

Today I went to the consulate to register that I am in the country. The Wolters took me and then we went to the grocery store because they had to get some stuff and it was really helpful because I needed to get some items as well. I tried to get money from an ATM but realized I had a Mastercard debit and not a Visa. I do have a Visa card, but I have to call and register that is going to be used overseas. I sent Susan Strand the other American coming to 2iE at the end of the month an email to ask her about housing references. She also got me in touch with Joann at the US Embassy. It was pretty cool, because I got an invite to a ladies night Bunco night at her house this Friday. I am so excited to have something to do tomorrow :) Also, Drew is around again so we might go running tomorrow or Saturday. It is nice to have little things to look forward to, it makes life on a day to day basis much more manageable. Okay, that is all for now. Miss you all! Today’s verse from Katha’s Calendar is: The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you. 2 Peter 3:9. I am also reading 1 Samuel right now, the story of David more specifically. Talk about amazing. God is really faithful and present in his life.

p.s. The internet at 2iE was not working today so I couldn’t talk to my family which was very frustrating. And I couldn’t get in touch with them to tell them why I was MIA from our scheduled talk.

Also for a little comparison, the first one is me my first night in Burkina, the second one was taken 10 days later :) Gotta love the timer setting... Like my mosquito net? Room pictures, next post I promise.